Full thrust-Sa'Vasku Awakening

The Awakening

Different sector of galaxy from previous adventure log…

The Japanese are lying in wait near a jump gate and a mining outpost broadcasting a distress signal in hopes of drawing in the UNSC (United Nations Space Command) into a revenge confrontation for sinking their heavy carrier.

The plan works and the UNSC jumps through the gate with a heavy carrier, science scanning vessel, hydroponics vessel, and a small frigate. Once the UNSC jump through the gate the japanese fleet opens fire with all missile volleys severely damaging the heavy carrier of the UNSC.

During this exchange the mining colony on the nearby asteroid blows up.. (most likely uranium since most ships nearby in the sector went dark shortly after). Each fleet tries to get their beleaguered ships systems operational again and throw what they have at each other… which doesnt amount to much.

Then they see a massive ship rise from the debris field of the Destroyed astroid neither are sure what it is. The UNSC scientific vessel scans the unknown ship and learns several things about its structure and internal systems.

Both fleets continue firing on each other while the alien vessel moves in on the UNSC forces to attack the ship that scanned it doing little damage due to the fact that it is still powering up. Then the scientific and hydroponic UNSC vessels repair the jump gate that was damaged in the uranium blast and jumps back through the gate to call for help. Japanese and UNSC forces continue to batter one another while the alien vessel also attacks the UNSC forces. Eventually the Japanese destroy the heavy carrier and turn their attention to the alien vessel. As this takes place a UNSC superdreadnaught jumps into the system to attempt to bring down the vessel. the alien vessel sinks a japanese frigate with ease assesses this new threat and decides to leave so that it may wake up its brothers in arms and begin taking the galaxy back for themselves and return their empire to its former glory!

While the alien vessel attempts to leave the dreadnaught unleashes a furious barrage on both the alien vessel and the japanese fleet. The majority of the Japanese fleet jumps out of the system however a battlecruiser is left behind due to its failure of the FTL drive. The superdreadnaught heavily damages the alien ship and outright vaporizes the heavy cruiser of the Japanese. Then the alien ship runs away to fight another day.


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